1. If the female partner has blocked tubes. In case of blocked tubes the egg cannot meet the sperm and fertilization is not possible.
  2. Bilateral salpingectomy: If both fallopian tubes are removed due to some reason like ectopic pregnancy
  3. If the female has undergone tubectomy or tubal ligation and for some reason wants to conceive or surgery for tubal reversal has failed.
  4. In the case of severe endometriosis.
  5. Age-related decline in fertility: As a woman’s age increases the quality and quantity of eggs decrease.
  6. If the number and motility of sperms is low. In IVF the best sperms are selected and used for fertilization.
  7. Unexplained infertility: All the test reports appear to be normal but pregnancy does not occur. In most such cases there is a problem in fertilization which can be diagnosed and treated only by IVF or an advanced form of IVF called ICSI
  8. When all other treatments for fertility fail IVF is the only option.


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