Avoid: Excessive heat to the scrotum perhaps the single most important change you can make! Overheating the scrotal area decreases production of sperm. So avoiding hot tubs & baths, saunas, electric blanket and water beds is critical in boosting fertility.
Avoid: Wearing tight fitting pants & underwear. Therefore, remember the closer the testicles are to the body, the warmer they stay.
Avoid: Eating any foods that have been prepared with the use of chemicals, including animals that were raised with the use of hormones, pesticides, and herbicides.
Avoid: using any recreational drugs, alcohol & tobacco cigarette smoking has directly been associated with low sperm counts & motility & even in impotency.
Avoid: Frequent exposure to environmental toxins. These include household cleaning products, lawn & garden chemicals and industrial compounds.
Avoid: plastics from your diet eg. Foods packed or heated in plastics, plastic utensils, drinking water or other liquids from squeezable plastic bottles, as they leech out harmful chemicals that affect your hormonal system and sperm production. Choose foods that offer a large amount of zinc – the most important trace mineral for male sexual function. These include: oysters, egg yolks, dairy, whole grains, nuts (pumpkin seeds, especially), & legumes.
Exercises: Make managing your stress a priority. Take leisurely walks, laugh often, get a massage, and meditate.