A Hernia is caused when the supporting, internal tissues of an organ start to bulge out of the weakened abdominal wall where they are normally contained. It is a small balloon-like sac that occurs when the inner lining of the abdominal muscle pushes its way through the abdominal wall due to an opening or weakness of the wall.


  • Bulge in the groin area
  • Pain in the Groin


  • Long term Risks
    • May become carcinogenic
  • Solution
    • The laparoscopic procedure for repairing hernia is the latest and most advanced procedure for correcting hernia
    • In this procedure, a laparoscope (a flexible telescope connected to a camera and other surgical instruments) is inserted through incisions to allow the surgeon to get a clear, high-resolution image of the hernia and its surrounding tissues
    • The hernia is repaired from behind the abdominal wall (internal tissue which helps to encapsulate the internal abdominal organs)
    • A small piece of surgical mesh is placed over the hernia and is secured in position with small surgical staples. This surgery is usually performed with general or local anesthesia