How Yoga is Beneficial in Boosting Male Fertility

There are many ways in which yoga boosts fertility levels in men. Here are some of the benefits:

    1. Yoga helps you to unwind and de-stress your mind and body. This goes a long way in boosting your fertility levels which may get suppressed due to stress hormones.
    2. Yoga stimulates your glands and helps release hormones like testosterone that increases fertility.
    3. Yoga relieves muscular tension and enhances the blood flow to the hip joints.
    4. Yoga helps increase blood circulation to the pelvic area that stimulates them and boosts your chances of conceiving.

8 Yogasanas for Boosting Male Fertility

Here is a list of asanas or yogic postures that help increase the fertility levels:

      1. Sarvang Asana (Shoulder stand)
      2. Hal Asana (Plough pose)
      3. Dhanur Asana (Bow pose)
      4. Kumbhak Asana (Plank pose)
      5. Paschimottan Asana (Seated forward bend)
      6. Pada Hasthasana (Standing forward bend)
      7. Bhujang Asana (Cobra Pose)
      8. Nauka Asana (Boat pose)