Do you know?
The liver in body carries out hundreds of jobs that are vital to life.
Your liver has around 500 different functions like:

  • Fights infections and disease.
  • Destroys and deals with poisons and drugs.
  • Filters and cleans the blood.
  • Controls the amount of cholesterol.
  • Produces and maintains the balance of hormones.
  • Produces enzymes and other proteins responsible for most of the chemical reactions in the body, for e.g. blood clotting and repairing tissues.
  • Processes food once it has been digested.
  • Produces bile to help break down food in the gut.
  • Stores energy that can be used rapidly when the body needs it most.
  • Stores sugars, vitamins and minerals, including iron.
  • Repairs damage and renews itself.

The liver is very tough and is able to continue to function when most of it is damaged.
It can also repair-even renewing large sections. This is called Regeneration.
However when consistent and extensive damage occurs the liver will be unable to regenerate itself.