Do’s for Endometriosis:

Speak up

  • It is advisable to write down your symptoms and keep a track of the symptoms like if there’s a particulars time of day when symptoms are worse or better; This will help you to the doctor properly and help the doctor to take corrective measure to diagnose the issue.
  • Educate your family and friends so they can support you.


  • Regular exercises also help in reducing symptoms of Endometriosis. Make sure you to regular exercises, meditation, and yoga for better management of Endometriosis.


  • Ensure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables after washing them thoroughly so that you don’t intake any pesticides or environmental toxins.

Drinking Water

  • Consume lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Don’ts for Endometriosis :


  • Don’t ignore any kind of pelvic pain or discomfort in bowel movements or intercourse.


  • Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, aerated drinks, wheat, sugar, caffeine, dairy, or soy.


  • Never get depressed due to the discomfort caused by the problem. Speak up and get help.
  • Don’t panic & assume the worst.
  • Don’t feel ashamed.
  • Don’t believe the myths about endometriosis.
  • Don’t stay cooped up-get outside, go see a friend, take a walk.
  • Don’t forget to laugh- it’s good medicine!
  • Don’t give up