Smart Life at 40 Plus for Women (Few Tips)

Stay energetic-Love your job
Engage in some creative hobby or meaningful work
Challenge your mind by solving puzzles, playing chess or Sudoku
Make a healthy eating pattern with diet rich in plenty of vegetables, fruits, multigrain, nuts, eggs, lean meat, fish and poultry
Take regular Calcium, Vitamin D, mineral sand multivitamin supplements
Self-Care-Self-care is taking care of yourself, Body, Mind and Spirit. It is about choices you make every day.
Build a strong social network .Connect with family, friends and people. Strong social bonds sustain us as they reduce bad effects of stress, help speedy recovery from physical and psychological illnesses
Manage stress by meditation or yoga.
Get screening procedures like pap smear/colposcopy for cancer cervix(mouth of the uterus) with your gynaec.
Have regular health checkups including a visit to the dentist and ophthalmologist
Choose a proper health insurance policy which will help you in a crisis.Get complete details of the insurance plan and select the best one that fits you and your family
Develop an optimistic attitude and enjoy the journey of life!